Adorable elephant tooth fairy pillow
If I were the tooth fairy, I would not be all fair and diplomatic with my reward system. No ma’am. I would give the most money to the toothless child who lured me in with the cutest tooth fairy pillow and made the biggest production out of the whole lost tooth thing.

What can I say, I’m a diva tooth fairy.

That said, extra-high priority would go to the children with their former canines and bicuspids housed in the little pocket on the back of the totally adorable elephant tooth fairy pillows from Letter M Design.

hot rod tooth fairy pillow
Designer Melody Miller makes each limited edition design from fabrics of different colors, textures and prints, along with embellishments like vintage buttons. Elephants not your kid’s thing? Check out Melody’s most excellent hot rod cars which also double as adorable decor.

An enclosed check-off card even helps the kid write a letter, with options like I love you better than Santa Claus. Now that’s the kind of TF ego stroking that scores dollar bills. –Liz

Congratulations to Stephanie S, lucky winner of the elephant tooth fairy pillow!


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