Azur Natural Sunscreen
With that first peek of sunshine coming out through the clouds, I head straight for our stash of sunscreen which includes different bottles for faces, bodies, and mommies. Thanks to Azur Natural Sunscreen, I can use one bottle for all us and all our parts. This natural sunscreen uses minerals and anti-oxidant vitamins to protect the skin, so it’s perfectly safe for kids. But the best part is that it does not contain any endocrine disruptors, so your immune system will be taken care of too.

One note: Azur sunscreen definitely takes a bit more rubbing to make sure it’s transparent on your skin. But I’ll take the extra work over the chemicals any day.

Also? Sorry for getting that song stuck in your head. -Kristen

Learn more about Azur natural sunscreen at Azur Advanced Pro Cellular Sunscreen.

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