Maude + Claude tie dye easter eggsI’ve always wanted to create fancier dyed Easter eggs, but I have the artistic ability of a preschooler (no offense to any preschoolers). Now, with the Tie-Dye Eggs Kit by Maude + Claude, I can create decorated eggs that make me look like an Easter egg dying rock star in front of my kids.

Using enclosed pieces of colorful vintage silk neckties that you wrap around the eggs and a little boiling water and vinegar, the patterns come out magically–basically the pattern of the neckties but in a muted and totally unique way.

dyed easter eggsBelieve me, this is a fun and easy kit to help you funky up that Easter basket. And had I actually read the directions, I would’ve known to start with raw and not pre-boiled eggs. No matter: I can reuse the fabrics again and again, so I’m bound to a pro by the time Easter arrives. –Christina

Find this Tie-Dye egg coloring kit at Mahar Drygoods

EDITED TO ADD: Sadly, Mahar is no longer. But here’s a great how-to to do your own Tie-Dye eggs at Martha Stewart.