Kids Central Kitchen's Rise & Shine Gift BoxBefore my kids consume their body weight in candy on Easter, I try
to get something healthy into their bodies at breakfast. One really
clever way to do this is to put the colorful Rise & Shine Gift Box from Kid Central Kitchen on the table and let them think that Peter
Cottontail delivered it himself.

What they’ll find nestled in
the turquoise mixing bowl is Kid Central Kitchen’s own low-sugar, wholegrain pancake mix and some pancake molds in fun shapes. Also
tucked into the bright green paper “Easter grass” is a smiling orange mixing spoon and colorful measuring cups that you’ll
want to use long past the holiday. My son slept with the spoon for days. Just saying – it’s that cute.  –Christina

Find the Rise & Shine Gift Box at the Kids Central Kitchen website and save 20% on your order through Easter Sunday with code EASTER20