Here's the Punk Rock Alphabet
I completely understand that repetition breeds learning, but seriously, can someone come up with something other than the extremely original A is for Alligator and B is for Bumblebee?

Well leave it to the Aussies to shake things up with Never Mind Your Ps and Qs: Here’s the Punk Alphabet the much anticipated sequel to M is for Metal. Definitely not for the easily offended, this book takes you from A to Z, punk rock style.

Your kids will be schooled in the likes of Sid Vicious and Iggy Pop, all through bold and bright illustrations and hilarious rhyming text. So pull out your plaid and your gigantic safety pins, and don’t blame us if your kids come home from daycare begging for a mohawk. Oi! -Kristen

Congratulations to Farrell M, lucky winner of a copy of Here’s the Punk Alphabet!

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