Aquafina Eco-Fina bottle with less plastic
No matter how conscious we may be about the earth-unfriendliness of bottled water (how does 150 million pounds of plastic waste each year grab you?), we’ve all had that situation where we simply had to buy a bottle of water. For me, it always seems to happen at the airport –because honestly, am I supposed to jam my half-liter Sigg bottle into my already-regulation-tiny carry-on?

If you must buy a bottle, be on the lookout for the new “Eco-Fina” Aquafina bottle. It’s made from 50% less plastic than Aquafina’s previous water bottle design (which means half as much waste), and at under 11 grams, it’s the lightest bottle on the market.

The fact that it sort of looks like it was designed by Spiderman is just a bonus. -Mir

Learn more about the new Aquafina Eco-Fina bottle at Pepsi Eco Challenge.

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