Spanglish Sing-Along!
I know less Spanish than the average eighth grader, so I was a tad skeptical about my ability to review a CD called Spanglish Sing-Along!
(Exclamation point theirs.)

I shouldn’t have worried.

Miami’s Spanglish Wrangler, aka Will Thomas,
moves between English and Spanish effortlessly, making it possible for
even this gringa and her ninos to follow along with the lyrics.

Accompanied by his acoustic guitar, the Spanglish Wrangler’s lyrics
take center stage. Unlike a typical “learn Spanish” CD, Spanglish Sing-Along!
helps kids (and adults) remember Spanish words and phrases through
music, something I totally understand as someone who grew up singing
Schoolhouse Rock in math class. My favorite lyrics are “Broccoli” about
a little girl who will not get
out of a tree until her parents agree to her terms: more
broccoli, less toys and an earlier bedtime. We need to
listen to that song extra.

Even if you have absolutely no interest in picking up any Spanish, the
nimble guitar work and folksy/bluesy, storytelling style of Will
Thomas make this a great family CD in any language. -Christina

Grab a copy of Spanglish Sing-Along! kids’ music CD at CD Baby.

Congratulations to Jessica S, lucky winner of a copy of Spanglish Sing-Along!

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