With summer vacation less than a month away (seriously, it is!), my daughter is begging me to send her to camp, which just so happens to be a full day and requires some semblance of lunch packing on my part. I suppose it’s good preparation for when she starts kindergarten in the Fall. Hold me.

But that also means she needs a lunch bag, lunch box, or whatever they’re carrying these days, and at the top of my list is new find Dabbawalla Lunch Bags. These bright, adorable soft lunch bags that look like watermelons or penguins or stop lights have plenty of room for your gourmet packed lunches (ha!). When these reusable bags are not in use, you can roll them up and store them easily without them taking up half a shelf in your pantry. Plus, they’re made from neoprene, which is a fantastic alternative to PVC.

Check out Dabbawalla Bags‘ selection of lunch bags and backpacks.