Handmade Charlotte Girls Bloomers
I’ve already espoused a bunch of fabulous bloomers this season, mostly due to their versatility and all-around cute factor, and our latest find, the adorable one-of-a-kind “Fortune Cookie” Shorties from Handmade Charlotte, make a pretty awesome style statement.

Mom of five and designer Rachel Faucett has an incredible eye for contrasting fabrics, meaning bloomers aren’t just great for covering up diapers and underwear beneath dresses, but great as a shorts alternative for babies. Simply pair them with a cute little top or t-shirt instead and you’ve got a fantastic summer play outfit. Don’t forget to leave those cute toes naked.

Each shortie is gift-giving ready, packaged in a cute Chinese take-out box, with a fortune, in
the form of an inspirational word, on the tag. For around $18 each, I
think I see a pair (or two) of these in your future. Yep, I’m psychic. -Kristen

You’ll find a plethora of girl’s bloomers, as well as summer bonnets and handmade girl’s skirts at Handmade Charlotte.

Congratulations to Diane G, lucky winner of the bloomers from Handmade Charlotte!

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