Eco gift wrap - 100% recycled gift boxI’ve admitted here before that I’m a terrible gift wrapper, but as long as there are children aging in the world, there will be presents to wrap. Which is why I’m so happy to have found the Eco Deco line of green gift wrapping from Olive Paper.

Yes, of course a true eco-crusader would wrap gifts out of used craft paper or a sheet of fabric you can reuse. So let’s just call these light green, as in made of 100% recycled material.

The ten patterns are sophisticated but festive, and I’d feel as comfortable wrapping a birthday present for a kid in my son’s class as a year end teacher gift in most of them. Along with huge rolls of paper that let you wrap up to 40 gifts (and hopefully never run out of gift wrap again) there are gift bags and gift boxes for the truly wrapping impaired. Plus tissues and ribbons to finish the “oh, I just threw this together” look.

Those on the receiving end of the gift may never realize that the paper is as thoughtful as the gift inside but you will.–Betsy

Find eco-friendly gift wrap at Olive Paper.