Amuse Me Reversible Kid Aprons
As of late, my daughter the artist has been causing me quite a headache with her adamant desire to wear dresses even while engaging in messy crafts.You’d think a smock would do the trick but in her mind, all that does is cover up her beautiful dress. Oh the horror!

Well, thanks to the gorgeous new reversible children’s aprons from Amuse Me, our little problem is solved. Beautifully constructed from bright, stylish fabrics and featuring a couple of strategically placed pockets and tie straps, these aprons are just as pretty as my daughter’s dresses. In fact, they’re so pretty, I almost feel bad about getting them dirty. But thankfully, my daughter doesn’t have a qualm whatsoever. Hallelujah. -Kristen

Find lovely nursing covers and kid’s aprons at Amuse Me Baby.


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