I’m on a bit of a framing kick lately; instead of buying new artwork we’re trying to make use of the photos and odd bits of ephemera we have around to liven up some of the blank walls. So when I discovered the gorgeous handmade frames from O’Brien & Schridde Designs, I developed a raging case of frame envy. If there is such a thing. (Dr. Freud?)

These are basically the frames you require when you finally get around to hanging those expensive baby photos or family portraits you had done, and yet they’re not actually expensive for handmade frames.

The seven different styles are elegant, classic and subtle with gentle hues and antique finishes. That classic frame in a black finish would look pretty awesome in a modern home, but if you want something a little more affordable than the rest, check out the debossed artboard.

It’s no surprise that Louise and David Schridde, the couple behind the company are both professional photographers – they
understand that a great frame can be amazing without competing with the artwork it encloses. Let’s just say there are no ducks, no pink ribbons, no “Sweetpea” on these frames. Not that you’d want that anyway. –Liz

Find gorgeous picture frames online at O’Brien & Schridde Designs