Kapow! pillow - perfect for playroom pillow fights
For years, I dreamt about a playroom — a place (that wasn’t my living room) where my boys could make a mess with their superhero toys and have pillow fights and stand on the furniture without making me insane. Now that we have a playroom, I’m constantly on the lookout for accent pieces that are both kid-friendly and super stylish. In other words, stuff that can take a beating and still look great.

diffractionFIBER’s onomatopoeia throw pillows are the perfect accent for kid spaces. Crafted of Eco-Felt (“100% recycled Plastic bottles!”), the pillows are a nice size for tossing on the sofa or flopping on the floor (or for whacking someone in a pillow fight). Even better: The removable covers are machine washable. The bright colors and clever comic book fight-noise captions (“blam!” is my favorite) are a nice marriage of Batman and House Beautiful. –Susan

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Congratulations to Hyon-hee, lucky winner of an onomatopoeia throw pillow!

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