Parisien diaper bag from Timi and Leslie
It’s hard to believe a few short years ago, a diaper bag looked like (gasp) a diaper bag. Today, diaper bags are allowed to look like clutches, like hobo bags, like totes – pretty much anything besides something actually designed to help you manage the intestinal functions of your infant. Well Timi and Leslie claim to have started that trend, and whether it’s true or not, their convertible designer diaper bags certainly do fit the bill.

The Mod and Parisien (shown) styles are probably my favorites, with sleek modern (and thankfully lightweight) designs that skip the fussiness of decorative hardware and tassels that generally drive me crazy. The patent leather exteriors make them stylish and practical as four-season bags, but it’s what’s inside that will get you excited: Each bag comes with so much fun stuff, going through the ample inner pockets feels like Christmas.

You’ll find a wet bag, changing pad, a diaper clutch, a bottle tote, detachable stroller straps, and my favorite – a round mini zippered case stamped with the words FEEL BETTER. I suppose it’s referring to the benefits of pacifiers. Or maybe drugs for you?

You will have to deal with the fact that Timi and Leslie is emblazoned all over the inner fabric six zillion times, but really that’s a small trade-off for a cute and very practical bag. Hey, what’s good enough for Angelina Jolie… –Liz

Find Timi and Leslie Mod designer diaper bag online at Zappos or for a little less at our affiliate Amazon. There’s also a good selection at 2SweetSisters including the Parisien designer diaper bag shown here.

EDITED TO ADD: Through labor day, find a secret closet sale of Timi and Leslie bags up to 60% off!

Congratulations to Susan S, lucky winner of the Mod diaper bag from Timi and Leslie!

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