stainless steel bottleThe day I realized how many plastic baggies I was using in my kids’ lunches each week was the day I began trying every sort of reusable container and wrap out there. Nowadays the kids take a cobbled-together assortment of reusables in their lunch bags, but the Kids Konserve kit appeals to me for three reasons.

First, it’s everything you could possibly need for a single gone-green lunch, with a combination of reusable lunch sack, reusable sandwich bag, stainless steel bottle, cloth napkin, and safe food storage, all perfectly coordinated. There’s “fun” butterfly and caterpillar designs for the little kids, but my middle-schooler immediately called dibs on the original set’s simple green squiggle pattern.

Second, the complete reusable luck kit is awesome, but you can also buy individual pieces to round out your needs. If you’d prefer an insulated bag, for example, Kids’ Konserve offers a lead-free, BPA-free option made of recycled plastic bottles.

reusable lunch sacThird, they offer a school fundraising option, wherein they’ll either kick 10% of sales back to your school, or offer 10% off retail for your school community. Green and giving back? I’m so in. Just uh, ignore all the kute k words on the site.  -Mir

Shop for your reusable lunch containers at Kids Konserve.