People Pencils colored pencils in a range of skin colors
My daughter recently drew a picture of herself and one of her school friends. She made herself pink and her friend brown. Neither color was exactly … right. And as a budding artist, she was bothered by the limitations of her crayons. Just as her hair isn’t really “red” and her skin isn’t really “pink,” her friend’s skin wasn’t exactly “brown” or “black.” Nothing quite worked.

But now! No kid (or adult) will have to settle for pink, brown, yellow, red, or black. We can all draw our own color — the skin shades we really are. This set of 15, eco-friendly artist-quality people pencils from Stubby Pencil Studio can be blended to achieve any human skin color. Viva la difference!

It’s hard to even remember when there was a pink color called “flesh,” isn’t it. -Rita

Get your people pencils or other high-design and eco-friendly art supplies at Stubby Pencil Studio.

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