Ribbies Clippies hair clip and barrette caseMy daughter has an adorable hair clip holder that does a pretty great job of organizing her hair accessories, as long as they actually make it up the stairs and into her room. Most of the time they’re shoved in the bathroom drawers, or worse, left lying around for my youngest to stick in her mouth.

So thank goodness for the new Ribbies Clippies hair clip cases that hold up to 14 barrettes and actually keep them organized. This simple, cotton hair clip “wallet” is perfect for your bathroom, your kitchen junk drawer, or wherever your daughter’s hair clips tend to congregate. You can even pop one in your purse or travel bag when you hit the road, hair accessories in tow.  -Kristen

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Congratulations to Kellie E., winner of the Ribbies Clippies hair clip case!