Wise owl clock - made from sustainable bambooOf course my child, like yours, is an absolute genius, but even he wasn’t able to tell time when he was a newborn. So why get one of this adorable bamboo Baby Owl Clocks for the nursery? How else can you regale your friends with stories of how you were up from 3:12 to 4:52 without knowing what time it is?

All kidding aside, I think these wooden wall clocks are really smart, because they are made from sustainable bamboo, and they’re unisex (check out the Baby Elephant version) which means if you have to paint your pink walls blue you can still keep the clock. And, best of all, they’re designed with a completely silent battery mechanism. So even if the minutes are ticking away in the middle of the night, at least you, and your baby, won’t have to hear them. -Betsy

Check out the baby owl clock and other styles at Modern Dose.