Team Cool Mom Picks spent last week walking around the huge ABC Kids trade show in Las Vegas, finding incredible new products to share with you – and realizing that yeah, we pretty much have been mispronouncing every juvenile products brand name known to man.

Since we figure we can’t be entirely alone here (or so we hope!) we thought we’d offer up a pronunciation guide on some of our favorite, and often mispronounced brand names. Print it out, keep it in your diaper bag, and feel like a smartypants the next time you’re able to say, “Um, actually? It’s a Meh-DEE-lah pump.

aden + anaisAY-den and uh-NAY
Please don’t say AHden. And please please don’t say Anus.

Like gangstah. Get it?

Beaba BabycookBAY-buh
Boy, we had this one way wrong in our heads.

Medela – meh-DEE-luh
Rhymes with tequila. Now you’ll never forget it.

We thought it was Mutt-See, but that’s better than those who call it “Musty.”

French word for egg has the the double-o sound like in “look” or
“took.” Although some of the prices will make you say “Oof!”

Pediped – PEE-dee-pehd
Not pedi like pedometer; pedi like pediatrician.

They were named for the owner’s son, Robbie, at the height of the z’s for s’s craze.

These kids shoes do not rhyme with “yummy” but they probably should.

Got any pronunciation questions we didn’t cover?  Email us at  We’ll never tell.


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