Gourmet Garbage
I recently treated my kids to a scoop at the local gourmet ice cream shop and was shocked to find that to add a topping (i.e. four M-n-Ms) was about half the price of the ice cream itself. Holy moly. New recession tip: Staying in for ice cream and doing our own fun toppings.

And just in time, I was introduced to Gourmet Garbage: Think your inner child’s (or actual child’s) dream ice cream or cupcake topper, packaged in a reusable container. There’s mini chocolate chips. Mini white chocolate chips. HeathBar crumbles. Peanut buttery something or other. Plus little chocolate covered pretzel bits. Just add vanilla ice cream and yum.

It’s not exactly bargain basement cheap, but it is cheaper than what you’d pay at an ice cream shop, it’s made by a mom, and it’s totally out of this world delicious.

So delicious in fact that you will completely forgive the fact that the illustration on the label looks like one of the Real Housewives of NJ. It kind of makes me want to call it Gawmet Gawbage.  –Liz

Find Gourmet Garbage Topping Mix at Chef Central

We’re sorry, but this shop has closed.


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