Tagalong Stroller AccessoryI’ve almost given up taking the double stroller with us anywhere because my older ones end up sitting in it for a solid five minutes, if I’m lucky, and then walking for the rest of the time. Now that’s great for when we’re in our own quiet neighborhood, but when we’re out and about, that means I’m left trying to keep one or both of them corralled with my one free hand or in most cases, my back pockets.

But with the Tagalong, my hands are free and my pockets are back to making my butt look saggy (ha). This portable handle attaches to almost every stroller without any tools (hooray!) and gives your wandering toddler or preschooler their own very special spot next to you. Except you don’t have to hold them or be held by them. And you’re not hitting their heels with the wheels every third step.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year badgeIf you’re in the market for some sort of kid leash, this ain’t it, but you’d be amazed at how a bright plastic handle hanging from the side of your stroller can work like a little kid tractor beam. Seriously, it’s genius. -Kristen

Check out how to use this handy stroller accessory at Tagalong.

Congratulations to Dorothy Y., lucky winner of the Tagalong!