Fields Organics Toy Cleaner
Back when my kids were teething toddlers, their friends would come over, drool on their toys and leave me with a pile of stuff covered in germs. If I had Fields Organics Toy Cleaner back then, I could’ve given those toys a quick spray-and-wipe, but instead I either had to drag them to the sink or — cough — ignore them and hope no one was too germy.

Update: this product no longer is produced.

Fields Organics Toy Cleaner uses organic tea tree oil along with other plant-based organic oils and spring water to clean off non-porous things like the high chair, stroller, plastic play mat and of course, toys.  I’ve used loads of cleaners with tea tree oil in them and love the distinctive smell, but you can also get the Toy Cleaner scent-free which uses way less tea tree oil in its blend.

While I did not run the cleaned toys to the lab to see if germs were killed, tea tree oil has been used as a disinfectant for a lot longer than the scary chemicals I can’t pronounce. Plus, I know that those newly-cleaned toys will soon make their way back into the mouth of a toddler, so scary chemicals have no business being in there in the first place.

Find Fields Organics Toy Cleaner at Green Depot. The scent-free version is currently on sale at Gracious Home.

Update: this product no longer is produced.

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