Teach Me Time Clock
I’m not much for toys with vchips and dolls that talk – in fact, they kind of scare me. But I will say I’m making an exception for the Teach Me Time clock for children which blends form and a lot of function.

The first thing that drew me to it at a trade show was the great design – the round, anthropomorphic shape and the “feet” at the bottom make it feel like some sort of friendly Japanese anime character that belongs in a cool modern kid’s bedroom. You can also swap the blue accent ring for yellow or hot pink to match your decor. But of course what’s most valuable about the Teach Me Time clock is how it works.

The screen shows an analog style clock — You know, like with a minute hand? The way things used to be? — above the digital time so that kids can start to connect one to the other. Press a button and the (not too annoying) voice explains the time. The “teach” function with different levels is very smart too – within about ten minutes my four year-old was through the basics onto learning about :15 and :45. (And I’m totally not bragging. More like, I’m impressed with the fact that this teaching clock really does teach.) Plus it works as a nightlight when you tuck the kids in.

But what I’m sure parents will like best is the “Ok to Wake!” setting; you program the alarm, and when the glowing light changes from yellow to green, kids know it’s safe to get out of their bed and start jumping on yours.

I say, set it for 10AM on Sundays. Then we’ll see how well this thing really works. –Liz

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