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Last year, we recommended the Gift Lit book of the month series as a cool children’s gift, and it still is. But it makes smart last-minute gift for a fully grown adult too.

You can just tell the thoughtful book choices in each series have been curated by a panel of librarians and publishing experts, and not someone trying to push best-sellers or remnant books. I know quite a few relatives of mine who would enjoy that history series of books; the favorites for women actually do justice to the category name; and the food + wine series has a really nice selection of titles from actual chefs and not just TV personalities. There’s also a decent selection of fiction for adults grouped by genre.

If you worry about whether your recipient already owns one of the books, don’t. Any book can be returned and substituted easily  for another one, so if for some crazy reason Aunt Joanie would rather swap out the latest Margaret Atwood for Cowboys Full: The Story of Poker, she’s more than welcome.

If you can’t afford the full year, the three- and six-month subscriptions will still be appreciated. In fact, if this is going to a lucky new parent on your gift list? Three months of books may last a whole year anyway. –Liz

Get a 
book of the month subscription for adults or kids from Gift Lit and save 10% off your order with code COOLMOM0912 through 12/31/09

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