I’m a total sucker for baby clothes — so tiny! so cute! — but my standards are pretty high. When I saw what San Francisco-based Speesees had to offer, I started wishing I were still in the baby-making business.

Speesees pieces (fun to say) are everything you want for your precious new baby. Made of super-soft organic cotton, each piece is also fair-trade certified, which means that every time you wriggle those little hands through the sleeves, you’ve made the world a slightly better place.

And on top of all that, these are about the cutest darn baby clothes I’ve ever seen.

In a world of movie tie-in togs for tots, Speesees’s artistic designs and brilliant colors give even the wee among us a super stylish start. My favorite pieces are the flock jumper, with its teeny tiny birds, and the bundlers. I’m just a sucker for babies in cute nightgowns. -Susan

Congratulations to Kolyn P., lucky winner of a selection of Speesees outfits!


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