Petite Miette Tooth Fairy Pillow
Only recently did I learn that the origins of the tooth fairy may come from a French fairy tale called The Good Little Mouse (La Bonne Petite Souris ) in which a fairy mouse convinces a mean prince to be nice so that his teeth will turn beautiful and white. Yes, it’s a little weird. But aren’t they all?

The whole thing is explained on the hang tag of the sweet new tooth fairy pillow, just out now from one of my favorite indie baby gift companies, Petite Miette.

L.A. mom/designer Sarah Odenkirk has designed the pillow out of a soft, fleecy organic cotton, with La Bonne Petite Souris embroidered on the top, alongside a little tooth pouch in your choice of eight colors. It’s a welcome change from some of the over-the-top satin pillows out there, or the ones that look like actual creepy teeth.

Now that my daughter is nearing five (!) and is fascinated with the idea
of losing teeth, I’m better understanding the desire for a little token like this to commemorate her getting older.

Although right now she does think that if she eats more
sugar she’ll get some cavities and teeth will fall out and then the
tooth fairy will bring her something–so yeah, we have to work on that
part. –Liz

snail doll

Find the tooth fairy pillow from Petite Miette

Congratulations to Becky R, lucky winner of the tooth fairy pillow and plush organic escargot!

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