Dr. Seuss Camera iPhone App
My daughter loves Dr. Seuss. She also loves the camera on my iPhone. Put these together and you have a four year old in Seussian snap happy heaven, and a mother who can’t check her e-mail or play Words With Friends when her kid is around.

The Dr. Seuss Camera, Cat In The Hat Edition employs the same structure as the previous Grinch incarnation that was released before the holidays and, yes, was entirely addictive and ensured that all of our virtual Christmas cards were Grinch-themed. It’s so simple that a four year old can mash up your iPhone photos with the illustrations. So your dog is the Cat, or your child is a Thing or your husband is balancing a bowl of fish on his head.

Which might not represent a huge shift from reality for you, if your household is anything like mine, but still.  –Liz

The Dr. Seuss Camera, Cat In The Hat Edition is produced by Oceanhouse Media and can be purchased at their website or at the iTunes store.

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