I know what you’re thinking– Why is the Georgia girl recommending mittens? Because I’m the biggest sissy about cold, that’s why. But I’m proud to say that we have three whole inches of snow right now, and I sent my kids straight outside to investigate the mysterious, white substance.

It’s thirty-one degrees out there, people!  And that’s where mimiTENS comes in.These cute and clever mittens are made in Canada from eco-friendly water-repellent nylon, Thinsulate, and bamboo fleece, and they go all the way up over the elbow.  That means they stay on, no strings attached, even if  your kid’s a wiggler.

Shopping for mimiTENS is fun, too. They come in four sizes from baby to big kid with sixteen bright designs each with adorable embroidery. The princesses are in international garb, the spiders look like real spiders, and the owls are super sweet. Shopping is even sweeter when you learn that they donate a portion of every sale to four charities. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret, too: My baby loves to yank off his socks, and he wakes up every night with cold feet. So I slipped his mimiTENS right up over his dimpled knees, and he snoozed the night away with toasty toes. -Delilah

You can order arm-covering kids mittens online in North America at the mimiTENS website. If you’re in the EU, visit Musjes.


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