me & goji cereal
There is a place of lies and dreams, broken promises and shredded palates. That place is the cereal aisle. Seriously, have you read the boxes lately? Super-choco-sweeties have loads of Vitamin Q, but they’re made of sugar and air. And if you’re gluten free, your only choice is Cardboard-corn-O’s. Yuck.

Enter [me] & goji, a new do-it-yourself cereal site with over 50 ingredients, including some of the healthiest (and tastiest) foods on earth. Start with one of nine cereal bases, including one wheat-free and two gluten-free choices. Then add enhancements including spices and dark chocolate-covered goji berries, any of 15 dried fruits, plus nuts and seeds. The grand finale is a 21-ounce canister, which includes nutritional
information and holds 15 servings of Cereal a la You. You can even
personalize your canister with a photograph for an extra $2.

The cereal base starts at $4.90, and each addition costs from a quarter to $2, with shipping another $4.99 and up, so it’s definitely not a bargain alternative to whatever’s at Trader Joe’s. But for those of you with really specific diets or limitations, it’s a fantastic option.

Oh and you don’t like your custom cereal creation, they will happily send you a new one and even cover those pesky shipping charges. Put down the Frankenberry, honey. You deserve better.~Delilah

Try the custom cereal or shop ready-made choices at [me] & goji.

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