Last year, we introduced a baby brand pronunciation guide for all those baby brands that you might not know how to say. Or really, those brands you only think you know how to say. Let’s just say Robeez? It doesn’t rhyme with Brobee’s.

A few readers have written in asking for a follow-up, or pinged us with their own tongue-twisting brand name conundrums. So without further ado, we present the second Cool Mom Picks Baby Gear Brand Pronunciation Guide

Rhymes with high tax. No pun intended.

Not like “Chico” and the Man, which is how we always said it.

It’s phonetic so it’s pretty much as it’s spelled

polarn o. pyret lumberjack shirt
OiOi  – oy oy
Its Australian. Or punk rock. Or Yiddish.

Peg-Péregopeg PERR-eh-go
Not per-AY-go, although we know that does sound fancier.

Polarn O. PyretPOH-lahrn oh PEE-rhet
We’ve pronounced this Swedish label 40 different ways in our heads too

pom d'api
Ralph LaurenLORE-en
Ralph is just an American guy with an American name. Laur-EHN belongs to Sophia.

Tsukihoshi Kidssue-key-HOE-shee

Pom d’Apipohm DAH-pee
It’s a type of small red apple, and comes from the lyric of a French children’s song.

Ses Petites Mainssay puh-TEET man
French for “her little hands.” How cute is that?

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