Well we’ve officially hit that time we start talking last minute Father’s Day gifts. Fear not, we have plenty of ideas for you! From ones you make yourself, to those you can still get shipped, to some you can actually get at an actual store near you. (Hey, stores! Remember those?)

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So in the spirit of supporting dads, both new and not-so-new, here are lots of great ideas for last-minute Father’s Day gifts. Because lack of time doesn’t have to mean lack of thought at all.

1. A DIY gift

DIY All About my Dad Father's Day printable | Perfect for last minute gifts

We put together so many DIY Father’s Day gifts for you, surely you’ll find a great idea there, but here are a few more. We love this All About My Dad Father’s Day printable at Free Pretty Things for You which is probably best for younger kids. The retro photo totally makes it.

All about my daddy: Make your own questionnaire and print for a sweet last minute Father's Day gifts from the kids

Or you could make your own, like this DIY Father’s Day questionnaire at Daffodil Design. You don’t even need a printable template — just a good typewriter font on your computer, and a kid with a little imagination. A frame is a nice touch and the bunting is just gravy if you’re really pressed for time.

2. The perfect food gift

Mother's Day Gift: DIY ice cream sundae kit by Mixing Bowl Kids

We featured this fun DIY ice cream sundae in a box gift idea from Jan at Family Bites in our post on last minute Mother’s Day gifts and we can imagine a lot of dads who would love a MYO Sundae Date with the kids. Unless…he’s lactose intolerant. In other words, there actually isn’t any one perfect food gift — only one that’s perfect for him. Would he love a new bottle of hot sauce from a local gourmet store? His favorite flavor of homemade Girl Scout cookies that the kids help make? Whoopie pies with a little DAD flag on top? Artisanal salts for some experimentation around the grill? A box of his favorite candy from his childhood?

Also, if you’re in NYC, our friends at Mouth.com have just launched same-day delivery in Manhattan and much of Brooklyn for ready made foodie gift baskets, great wines and liquors, and lots of fun goodies like those homemade Pop Tarts we tracked down recently. But there may be a gourmet store near you that delivers too.


WhistlePig: The ultimate Rye Whiskey gift for Father's Day

Or if you are an adult kid, looking for a more adult gift, you can also hit the liquor store for something more special than he might buy for himself. We just discovered Vermont’s WhistlePig and whoa.  If you splurge on the quadruple barrel-aged, hand-bottled, 13 year old 2014 Boss Hog Spirit of Mortimer Rye, he will not be disappointed. It’s hard to find — check the site for retailers near you — or you can find limited quantities online at Merchants of Beverage.

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3. A book that gives him time with the kids

Great Father's Day book ideas that give him time with the kids

We happen to like gifts that relate to fatherhood in some way, which is why we really love Mike Adamick’s awesome series of books — literally. They include Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects, Dad’s Book of Science Projects, and the brand new Dad’s Book of Recipes. Similarly, check out options like The Maker Dad book, and the brand new Made with Dad, or the series of Geek Dad books by Ken Denmeade. Do you sense a trend here?’

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4. A book that gives him some time without the kids

DIY photo strip bookmark | CoolMomPicks.com

Let’s not call it time away from the kids; let’s just call it…Alone Time.  And a book is a great way to schedule that into a busy week. Whether it’s a memoir, a great bio, a humor anthology (Fierce Pajamas, above, is still a favorite), or a series of thrillers from his go-to author — whatever his favorite genre, use your Amazon Prime membership for quick free delivery.  Or hey, hop down to your local bookstore where you’ll have it in your hand the second you pay.

You can include a monogrammed bookmark like the ones we just found from Sierra Metal Design if you order stat. Or to keep the kids on his mind (if not in his ears while he reads), you can easily make your own bookmark using a photobooth strip like this one shown here of Liz’s kids. Have one you already own laminated, and if you’re inclined, add a hole punch and some ribbon at top.

Or just glue the strip onto heavy cardstock trimmed to size. You can even fake a photobooth strip by uploading several favorite photos stacked in a row using a service like PicMonkey, then print.

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5. Breakfast in bed

Father's Day breakfast recipes: Bacon hearts | The Paper Mama

How come people only think Mother’s Day is for breakfast in bed? We know dads who wouldn’t mind a little homemade burnt toast from the kids — or even something more elaborate — along with his morning coffee in bed. (Or at the table is cool too.) On Cool Mom Eats we have lots of ideas for breakfast recipes for Father’s Day like these awesome bacon hearts via The Paper Mama. Or check out our post on some extra-sweet pancake recipes.

Father's Day printable breakfast in bed set, including a door hanger for ordering

To make it a little more fun, check out this printable Father’s Day breakfast in bed kit from the Dating Divas. Very cute design. It’s $4.97, but you do get a whole ton of stuff including these doorknob hanger that allows him to place an order the night before. Hopefully he’s not demanding beyond the kids’ breakfast making skills.

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6. Gift box subscription

Birchbox Man monthly subscription | Last minute father's day gift ideas

Gift subscriptions are definitely not just for cosmetics and crafts anymore. Check out Farm to People or Mantry for an artisanal tasting box; Mistobox for fantastic coffee; Birchbox Man if he loves grooming and style samples (you can even save 25% off the first box with BBMAN25off). He won’t get his box right away, but he can get a nice IOU which you can attach to a little something that cues him as to what kind of box he’s getting — like a box of organic raw sugar cubes for coffee, or the new Dove Men+Care Ultra Hydrating Face Cream from your local drugstore to cue the Birchbox subscription to come.


7. A gift card, made more fun

Balloon in a box: Fun DIY to make giving a gift card more fun

If what he would really love is a gift card to iTunes, Target, Home Depot or Starbucks, go for it. And here’s a way to make the presentation more fun than just sticking it in a card: A DIY balloon in a box, brought to life by The Gold Jellybean. You essentially fill it with confetti and helium then tie the end of the string to a gift card (or concert tickets, like she did) and box it up. She has all the details, but we suggest weighing the balloon down with something heavy enough to keep it from floating away, then opening this gift outside. Unless you want to be cleaning confetti out of your sofa all day.

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 8. A professional photo session

Family photo of Jeff Bogle from OWTK via Tory Williams Photographer | a session IOU makes an awesome last-minute Father's Day gift

We just hosted an event featuring family portraits with photographer Tory Williams and after that, we want to give a session to every family we know. It doesn’t have to be stuffy or staged, and you don’t even have to be wearing matching sweaters, which is why we love this fantastic family portrait of our friend Jeff Bogle of Out With the Kids and his super cool family. It really captures their spirit, which is the best thing about it. And we think when Dad gets the final product, he won’t mind having waited at all. Search the web for a great photographer in your town, or ask for personal recommendations.

9. Tickets to something wonderful

Whether he’s into the opera, your local Minor League baseball team, musicals, or rock concerts, experience gifts like tickets are terrific for last minute gifting. Give him a set for the whole family, or buy just enough for him and his buddies to have a guy’s night out.

10. A fabulous keepsake photo

We Love Daddy portrait of the kids for a cute last minute Father's Day gift

Photo sessiosn can be pricy, but there’s still time to make a great photo gift, if you’re up for staging a Father’s Day photo shoot. Don’t worry, we found 7 easy Father’s Day photo shoot ideas for you, like this delightful one from Freckle Photo. We’ve also got tips if you have more — or fewer — than the four kids she has, and ideas for putting multiple shots together into tasteful, modern collages too.

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11. A Massage. Not from you.

A gift card to a local spa is a killer gift for lots of dads.  You can even set up the appointment for Sunday and send him on his way. Surprise! If you’re in NY or SF, be sure to download the new MassageNow app for iOS and search for same-day massage appointments that you can get for up to 40% off. That means maybe you can splurge for the 90 minute massage which is just so much more indulgent than just 60 minutes.

Or if you want something super super indulgent? Book a weekend at a reasonably priced spa like Stoweflake in Vermont or a luxury one like Canyon Ranch in Massachusetts, Arizona, or Las Vegas. Canyon Ranch is even offering a Father’s Day special now — order a gift card by June 21 and get a $50 bonus voucher for every $500 you spend. (We did say it was fancy there.) Plus, lots of spas offer discounts for first-time guests.


12. Framed artwork from the kids

DIY gifts from the kids: DIY dad artwork from Pink Sugarland

Last year we shared lots of fun DIY gifts for dad from the kids, including this favorite, with an easy tutorial you can find at Pink Sugarland. But there’s all kinds of art kids could make, like a portrait of him, a family portrait, an abstract, a nod to his favorite team, a printable to color in — it’s all good. But it’s adding a frame which really makes it come across as more thoughtful than last minute. Just make sure it has time to dry.


13. A Father’s Day coupon jar

DIY Father's Day gifts from the kids: Decorate your own coupon jar | Catch My Party

Catch my Party featured the world’s easiest Father’s Day coupon idea, which we featured in our list of 20 DIY gift ideas for Dad. If you’ve got a printer and a mason jar lying around, you’re golden. No staples! No hole punches! She even offers the printable coupons for free. Aw, spirit of giving…we love you.


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