Galentine’s Day is February 13, and if you don’t know about it yet, prepare to become a fan. It was created by Amy Poehler’s Parks & Recreation character, Leslie Knope, to celebrate strong female friendships. In Leslie’s own words:

Oh, it’s the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and boyfriends and home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair minus the angst. Plus frittatas.

We’re all about ladies lifting up ladies, so I’ve put together some Galentine’s Day gift ideas for your bestie from another nestie. Or hey, bookmark these for upcoming birthdays, or any other celebration that requires an awesome little pick-me-up for your girlfriends.

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Galentine's Gifts: Galentine buttons from Raising Two Jays on Etsy

Galentine’s Day Girl Power Buttons

These adorable buttons (or magnets, for slapping your fierce girl gang photo booth strips on the fridge) capture the essence of Galentine’s Day for under ten bucks. ($6.91 & up, Raising Two Jays on Etsy)


Galentine's Gifts: Galentine's Day postcards from The Tall Tree Shop on Etsy

Leslie Knope Compliment Postcards

Leslie Knope is known for the unique and loving compliments she bestows on her best bud. This collection of eight postcards captures some of the best ones, including the hilarious, “You poetic and noble land mermaid” and “You beautiful, rule-breaking moth.” Or you can mix and match to specifically compliment your gal pals. Bonus: 20% of each purchase goes to Kids In Camp charity that provides families who need financial assistance the opportunity to send their kids to a summer camp in Ontario. ($10, Tallest Tree Shop on Etsy)


Galentine's Day gifts: She Is Fierce pencils by Could You Please on Etsy)

She Is Fierce Pencils

These pencils will make every missive she writes just a little bit more fierce. The shop has tons of uplifting options, including Still I Rise, Serenity Now, and One Day At A Time. Combine ribbon-wrapped pencils with an uplifting journal like the one below for a gift to spark imagination or just really fantastic to-do lists. ($10, Could You Please on Etsy)


Galentine's Gifts: Power Woman journals from Icey Designs on Etsy

Power Woman Journal

Whether you choose with Boss Lady or She’s Mad But She’s Magic, you can’t go wrong with this this kick-butt journal. The pages are customizable so you can gift this as a 2017 planner, or as a place to doodle or keep track of one’s feminist agenda. ($18, Icey Designs on Etsy)

Galentine's Day gifts: Hilarious Cross stitch hoops by Bananya Stand on Etsy

Sisters Before Misters cross stitch

This adorable handmade cross-stitch hoop is a tiny gift with a huge personality. This shop also has Uteruses Before Duderuses, Ovaries Before Broveries, Hoes Before Bros, and Knope We Can. And if you’re crafty, you can buy the PDF and make your own. Ooh! Or have a cross-stitch party! ($32, Bananya Stand on Etsy)


Galentine's Day gifts: Custom pendants by Flapperdoodle on Etsy

Custom BFF pendants

We’ve loved the galcentric designs at Flapperdoodle ever since we found their affordable Bookworm brooch for our Holiday Gift Guide. These adorable ladies can each be customized with six hairstyles, four hair colors, and three skin colors to capture you and your Galentine having a heart to heart. ($30, Flapperdoodle on Etsy)

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Galentine's Day gifts: Matching phone cases by Joy Merryman Store on Etsy)

BFF Matching Phone Case Set for Two

You and your bestie are always connected with these matching phone cases which can be customized with whatever names or nicknames you want. ($63, Joy Merryman Store on Etsy)

Galentine's Day gifts: Bestie candle by Etta Arlene on Etsy)

Bestie Candle

This pretty soy candle is available in three scents to bring a little light to your Galentine’s day. And it says right on the top: Warning, This candle is awesome, almost as much as you. Best warning ever! ($8.99, Etta Arlene on Etsy)

Galentine's Day gift: Ladycastle comic

Ladycastle Comic

Okay, so I’m plugging my own comic here. But it’s all about ladies lifting ladies. Imagine if instead of King Arthur, that lady on the left hefted the sword and became king? And the girl in the middle, already her best friend, became her champion knight? I wrote Ladycastle so that I could read a comic about female friendship and triumph with my 10-year-old daughter. If you know someone who’s into stories about awesome ladies slaying in their own way, they’ll dig it. ($3.99, your local comic book store)

Galentine's Day gifts: Makeup bag by Feminist Wrath on Etsy

Feminist Makeup Bag

This lightweight canvas makeup bag will start her day off with glittering ferocity. And it’s customizable, so if your Galentine is more into Coffee than Eyeliner, you can make that her Step 1 of every day. ($14.99, Feminist Wrath on Etsy)


Galentine's Day gifts: Boss Lady mug by Sweet Water Decor on Etsy

Boss Lady Mug

This fabulous mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, which makes it just as resilient as your favorite Galentine. In fact, the entire shop is full of Boss Lady and Like a Boss designs in mugs, pens, and more. It’s like they know us. ($18, Sweet Water Decor on Etsy)


Galentine's Day gifts: Smash the Patriarchy tee from Brave New World Designs on Etsy

Smash the Patriarchy tee

Our friend Christine Koh gets the fierce Galentine feels. Sparkling gold plus pretty calligraphy equals a shirt that your bestie can wear to a protest…or the carpool line. ($22.95, Brave New World Designs on Etsy)


Galentine's Day gifts: Grown-Ass Lady tote from Emily McDowell Studio on Etsy

I’m a  Grown-Ass Lady Tote

It’s no secret that we love Emily McDowell’s gorgeous word art, and this tote bag should definitely keep those nosy old guys at Target from pointing out that your best gal pal shouldn’t be trying on men’s sunglasses. (Yes, it’s legit. Happened to me.) ($20, Emily McDowell Studio on Etsy)


Galentine's Day gifts: Pink pussycat earrings by Barking Zebra Designs on Etsy)

Pink Pussycat Earrings

These handmade stud earrings are the puuurfect (heh) combination of sweet and rebellious. If your Galentine isn’t the political type, though, the shop also has adorable studs with yarn and knitting needles, bacon, donuts, and tons more, so you’re sure to find something that’s just like her. ($10.95, Barking Zebra Designs on Etsy)

Galentine's Day gifts: A goddess poster by Sugar Grenade on Etsy

Pawnee Goddess Poster

This downloadable PDF gives you as many prints of Leslie Knope’s Pawnee Goddess pledge as you could possibly need. Print them yourself, add some pink frames, and you and your fellow goddesses can have a daily reminder of your mighty, womanly roar. ($5, Sugar Grenade on Etsy)


Galentine's Day gifts: Queen necklace by Crystal Kim Designs on Etsy

Queen Necklace

The package of this dainty silver necklace says it all: “You don’t need a king to be a queen.” What a perfect gift for your recently single Galentine. I just love little, subtle symbols that carry big messages. ($22, Crystal Kim Designs on Etsy)


Galentine's Day gifts: Golden Girl LEGO minifigs by Sweet Fairy Boutique on Etsy

Custom Golden Girls LEGO Minifigs

Full disclosure: At this price, this gift is more, “You love Golden Girls and I won the lottery,” but I had to share my favorite girl gang, now preserved in LEGO minifig form. Leslie Knope would agree: Thank you for being a friend. ($122, Sweet Fairy Boutique on Etsy)


Now go tell your girls how much you love them, you rainbow-infused space unicorn.


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