Our "Damn You, Facebook Ads" Series: Buying and trying the products we all see in our social media feeds.

From soaps to socks to bras that promise the world, we’re trying them and telling you the truth about them. 

7 new must-read Black history books for tweens and teens

Psst…you don’t just have to read them in February!

What's the best birthday gift for a kid who...

Our 2019-20 Birthday Gift Guide covers the very coolest gifts of the year by age, from babies to teens. Easy!

Trending right now. As in, this second.

Family separation at the border. It's not over. Here's how to help.

Our readers have always had the most generous spirits and the biggest hearts. Together we can make change.

You are listening to our podcast, right?

You are a f*cking awesome mom with author Leslie Bruce

Here's an obvious statement: motherhood is hard. It's so hard, in fact, that it can often feel like you're not doing a great job. It's actually why I started my blog Motherhood Uncensored, and why author Leslie Bruce wrote her newest book, You Are a F*cking Awesome...


We’ve been saying it for years. Instead, check out these 250 baby shower gifts that are all totally 100% worthwhile.

So much coolness. Where to start…

Amy Ignatow’s The Cutest Thing Ever is totes adorbs.

Once in a while, a new picture book come along that we want for our early readers right away. And sometimes one comes along that we kind of want for ourselves too. And for all the toddlers in our lives. And for our cool tweens too. Well, that's what's so wonderful...

Hot trend alert: 9 platform sneakers we love for fall!

While some trends we leave all to the kids, platform sneakers is one that I love and okay, so do my girls. It's a way to get a little style into your comfortable footwear (or vice versa) and, if you're not Kristen (ha), to get a little more height! If you're like me,...

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