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The Cool Mom Picks Team is not being paid or compensated to review items. Not with money, not with products, not with free foot rubs from bare-chested male models. We sometimes accept products for review purposes, which does not guarantee that they will be featured here. We simply pick items that are cool to us and that we think will be cool to you. That said, we can’t guarantee that they will be cool to you too, nor can we be held responsible if you purchase an item and you think it sucks. (Though hopefully it won’t.)

We occasionally write sponsored posts on site on behalf of brands or partners we like that we think you’ll like too, and when we do, you will know about it loud and clear. If we have been included on a press junket for the purposes of reviewing a film or a travel destination, we tell you about it. We are strong advocates of the FTC guidelines about marketing and blogs, and we are proud signers of the Blog With Integrity pledge.

Our compensation comes from our extremely awesome sponsors on site, and in sponsored emails marked “special offers.” We do earn a small (super small) percentage of sales when you click through to Amazon from our site, as well as from several affiliate partners including Share-A-Sale and Reward Style, which we will always tell you about. Our affiliate program is small, discriminating, and we work exclusively with partners we’ve already know we love. While you can of course buy whatever you want from wherever you want (free country and all), we really appreciate when you click our affiliate links, because it helps support us and our writers so we can all keep doing what we do.

Under fair use laws, we use photos from the websites we review to assist in providing information for our readers. These photos are the property of the website owners. All other content is the property of Cool Mom Picks. Do not use it unless you are attributing it to us with a link. We know people.

We are happy to allow other websites and blogs to publish a short excerpt of our content with permission and proper credit and linkbacks. Email and we can talk about it.

Our trademarks, copyrights and ideas are aggressively protected by the law firm Traverse Legal, PLC.