Men’s gifts so cool, they’ll make his friends who just got some crappy tie really jealous


Holiday gifts for men: Nixon watch made from Tom Waits' actual leather boots

You know how everyone says men are so hard to shop for? Well, not us. We love looking for cool men’s holiday gifts, maybe because we know a whole lot of cool men. Whether you’re shopping for your father, your brother, your best guy friend or your boyfriend or husband, we think there is lots to love in this collection of men’s gift ideas in every price range.

All gifts have been editorially determined by our staff, there is no compensation in exchange for picks. CMP is an rstyle and Amazon affiliate. Discount codes expire 12/31/15.


Nixon watch made from Tom Waits’ actual leather boots

This rock n roll collab is brilliant — watch straps made from the leather from some amazing rock icons. Get them while you can, when they launch, while they last. ($1000+ at Nixon)



Holiday gifts for men: McSweeney's Quarterly Concern Subscription

McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern Subscription

Not that we’d turn this down ourselves, either.  ($60+, McSweeney’s)


Holiday gifts for men: Saddlebags 6-bottle bike bag

Saddlebags 6-bottle bike bag

He shouldn’t drink and bike, but he can certainly bike to the store to pick up your favorite microbrew, right?  ($53.49 at Firebox)


Holiday gifts for men: Cornotech Convivio steak knife set

Handmade Cornotech Convivio steak knife set

Grilling tools? Eh, been there. If he’s really a steak fan, check out this outrageous set of artisan steak knives from Coltellerie Berti, who has been making them by hand in Tuscany since the 19th century. Each set is even signed by the single artisan who forged it from start to finish. ($650/6 at Horne)


Holiday gifts for women: Spaceship ornaments

Spaceship ornaments

To the Christmas tree, and beyond! ($30/2 at Food52)


Holiday gifts for men: Polo Ralph Lauren Merino Wool Beanie

Polo Ralph Lauren merino wool beanie

The perfect affordable, fashionable, go-to gift for any guy in any climate. We’re talking to you too, L.A. ($45 at Nordstrom)


Holiday gifts for men: Gentleman’s journey truffles

Gentleman’s journey truffles

Flavored with Laphroaig whisky, cognac, espresso and more, course he’ll have to  promise to share. ($12 at FIKA)

Holiday gifts for men: Canada Goose Borden bomber parka

Canada Goose Borden bomber parka

This is only for guys on Santa’s Extra Nice list this year. ($795 at Canada Goose)

Holiday gifts for men: Limited edition blue note moleskine

Limited edition blue note moleskine

Such a cool gift for a jazz fan. ($18.95 at Moleskine)


Cool holiday gifts for men: Trip to Cuba with the Beekman Boys

Once-in-a-lifetime trip to Cuba with the Beekman Boys

We love Josh and Brent and we really love the idea of this February trip limited to 14 intrepid travelers, that’s all about appreciating another culture, finding great food, giving back, and treating yourself well. Extraordinarily well, we’d say.  ($3395 at Beekman1802)


Holiday gifts for men: John Varvatos Chuck Taylor all star vintage coated canvas

John Varvatos Chuck Taylor All Star vintage coated canvas

The ultimate rock-meets-fashion collab. ($120 at John Varvatos)


Holiday gifts for men: Homemade gin kit

Homemade gin kit

As cool as all the beer-making kits are, we’re impressed with a man who can make his own gin. Juniper is kind of sexy, right?  ($49.95 from The HomeMade Gin Kit)


Holiday gifts for men: Amazing Fantastic Incredible: a Marvelous Memoir, by Stan Lee

Amazing Fantastic Incredible: a Marvelous Memoir, by Stan Lee

Oh, how we love Stan Lee. His brand new memoir will be a must-read for any Marvel fan. ($19.84 at Amazon for paperback; or get the deluxe limited edition signed copy shown above for $224)


Holiday gifts for men: Homemade Maker's Mark cupcakes

Homemade Maker’s Mark cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting

If baking is the way to a man’s heart, you have to try these outrageous chef created bourbon-cinnamon cupcakes. (recipe by chef Kate Jennings for Maker’s Mark)


Holiday gifts for men: Pedalflow seatless folding scooter-bike

Pedalflow seatless folding scooter-bike

He can use it for a more eco-friendly short commute,  zipping around the neighborhood for a little exercise, or really, just showing off your sweet new ride. ($299 at Microkickboard)

Holiday gifts for men: Tumi personalized travel kit

Tumi personalized travel kit

Yes there are cheaper ones, but this will last forever. Have it monogrammed for an extra special touch.  ($215 at Tumi)


Holiday gifts for men: Driveclub bikes for PS 4

DriveClub bikes game for PS 4

As a stand alone or an expansion to the original DriveClub, this should kill the better part of his weekend. ($19.99 at Playstation)


Holiday gifts for men: Retro LEGO arcade machine ornament kit

Retro LEGO arcade machine ornament kit

Nostalgia, geekery, and LEGO coolness all in one sweet holiday package. ($19.50 each at Power Pig)

Holiday gifts for men: Snot rag mankerchief

Snot rag mankerchief

Because let’s call it like it is. ($6 at Fairgoods)

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Holiday gifts for men: Burberry oxblood cut check silk tie

Burberry oxblood cut check silk tie

Not a crappy tie. ($190 at Burberry)