I never thought twice about diapering my son with the eco-not-so-conscious disposable diaper. I have to admit, I thought that cloth diapers were still big cotton towels that required safety pins, manual dexterity, and a whole lot of free time.
Then I saw the adorable cloth diapers from AIO at Cute Baby Shoes (apparently they sell more than baby shoes) and suddenly had a twinge of regret. They’re super easy to use and care for–no safety-pins or inserts necessary since they go on just like disposables. Best of all, there’s a style to fit every tushy, with patterns ranging from cowpoke-cute, to firetrucks (my favorite), animal prints, paisleys, and even a sassy Hawaiian print. So fabulous looking!
Er, I mean environmentally sound. Right. That’s what it’s all about. –Rebecca