HappytushiesIf you haven’t heard, cloth diapering is all the rage. So, that means I was popular for the first six months of my daughter’s life. While I don’t do the cloth diaper thing anymore, I still love Kathleen’s stuff. At Happy Tushies, you will find boutique-style cloth diapering accessories that bring out the crunchy mom in all of us. Her revolutionary wet bag is a must for excursions with a cloth-diped baby and if you don’t like her pre-maid patterns, she’ll custom make them just for you. I still use my bag for wet-clothes accidents, and things of that nature. The bags are pure genius – they keep the wet stuff contained so well that I have forgotten about the dirty dipes in there on more than one occasion!
I can’t say enough about the cloth wipes. Considering my pedicurist could use those"other" babyHappytushies2 washcloths to scrub the dead skin off my feet, I invested in her soft, flannel wipes that work perfectly as wash cloths and snotty nose wipers. Her cute little mama pad bags make great gifts and she even has little bags for the hip dog lovers out there. So check her out and free your inner crunch. If that doesn’t make your butt happy, I don’t know what will.