Being the extremely mistrusting first-time mother that I am, you might imagine the lengthy pre-evening out monologue that my poor babysitter must endure every time I leave the house. I’m sure I lose her after the first 15 seconds and God only knows how much after that she even remembers. Thankfully I happened upon Loralin Designs’ Parent’s Journal for the Babysitter, a handy and tres cute spiral bound book that allows me to leave my everchanging list of dos and don’ts in a neat and organized fashion. Not only are there removable sheets with preprinted items such as Activity Suggestions and Bedtime/Naptime, but the journal also includes numerous tabbed inserts that allow you to write your child’s favorite foods, drinks, toys, songs, and other important information that you couldn’t possibly include in your pre-exit lecture. While you can’t be certain your babysitter will read the book from cover to cover, at least you know that the information is there if s/he needs it. And that, plus slightly lower blood pressure for you, makes the book worth its weight in gold. –Kristen


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