Nothing is cuter than a tiny pair of newborn socks. We all oooh and aaah over the little delicacies at baby showers in all their teeny glory, but the reality of socks is that they suck. It’s a neverending battle line drawn in the sandbox between Moms and their nemesis: The Sock. Rarely do they stay on our shoeless wonders. That’s why when I happened across Snapdragon Baby Socks I couldn’t help but share! These things are brilliant.

Snapdragon Baby Socks, a wonderful mom-invented product, features a patented loop that snaps into baby‚Äôs clothes. The loops come in different styles and the socks come in a variety of colors. And, the best part? You can attach your Snapdragon Baby Socks to your favorite outfit and they‚Äôll never get eaten by the dryer again. –Lisa
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