A Cup-a-Cake container is one of those items that on first glance makes you say, "huh?" On second glance you think, "pretty smart," and on third glance you’re like, "I need forty-two of them, NOW NOW NOW!"
I don’t know about you, but I’d hate to think I spent hours (yes, hours) frosting cupckakes, only for them to end up smushed all over a piece of plastic wrap in my kid’s lunch bag. Cup-a-Cake puts an end to all that. It’s simply an airtight container shaped like (what else) a cupcake, and equipped with special prongs that hold all that magical sugary goodness right in place. And I totally dig the retro 50s-housewife colors.
Besides, all the fancy cupcake shops sell them. So if you own one, you’ll be fancy too. -Liz
[Thanks, Stacy.]


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