If I see another baby wearing those ubiquitous soft-leather soled shoes, I may lose it. Sure the fairy princesses and blue songbirds are kind of cute, but let’s face it, they’re getting overplayed. And if you’re anything like me, it’s kind of hard to match clothes to big yellow lions and red monkeys. Seeking an alternative, I came across Sarah at Green Dot Sewing, a very talented seamstress and mommy who makes her own shoes out of new and recycled (love it) leather.
For slightly less than the well-known brands, you’ll get a simpler shoe that is still high in quality and comfort. My suggestion? – Shuffle on over to her place and pick up a pair. And if your child has freakishly wide, narrow, or hard-to-fit feet, mail her an outline of your child’s foot and she’ll make them to order. And no need to ask her to hold the happy crab and smiling shark. That’s included in the price. –-Kristen
Enter the code COOLMOMPICKS; for free shipping on all orders.


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