While I’m a huge fan of origami art, I never know exactly what to do with them. I’m thinking a row ofswans on my mantle may not be the greatest design decision I ever made. But, now I can actually wear my washi (the beautiful paper used to create origami) in beautifully handcrafted pendants by Blend Creations.Created by husband and wife team Eric Jean-Louis and Vivian Cheng, these "east meets west" jewels are a modern take on an ancient art. Choose from various stainless steel pendants featuring Japanese silk-screened washi paper which are way cooler than hanging an origami frog from a chain (not that I’ve ever tried that or anything…).
So, rather than go for the Kanji "Love" t-shirt (that you’re not really sure says love anyway), why not honor an ancient art and up your style factor with one of these amazing pieces? ~ Kristen


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