Trade my gorgeous hardwood floors for wall-to-wall? No chance. Fortunately I’ve been alerted to crawling pants.
No, I’m not kidding.
Crawling pants. Pants. Just for crawling.
These inventive and thoughtfully constructed toddler trousers from mom Tammany Atkinson’s company Bees Knees come in three styles at Imagine Baby: A sporty microfiber, a stretchy dark denim, and our favorite, the Hahvahd-esque baby chinos. Each one has reinforced knee pads "for high performance crawling," and they’re conveniently removable once your toddler actually starts toddling. Besides, a long list of parents who own them absolutely swear by them. Including Courteney whatshernamefromTV. Crawling pants. Gotta love it. -Liz


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