Oh the poor diaper wipe. It spends its brief time here on earth smashed against its brethren, crammed into some cheap plastic sheath, and finally covered in human waste and tossed away without so much as a goodbye.
I say, treat your wipes with some dignity during their brief lifecycle. Nestle them in an elegant wipe container like the ones from Shoots & Ladders, which comes clad in tasty retro fabrics like this vintage baseball print They’re handmade by mom and FIT grad mom Amy Selling, and available online at Hot Mama Beauty and Style. The wipe performs an immeasurable service for mothers everwhere. Isn’t this the least you can do for it in return? –Liz
UPDATE: The wipes cases can now be found directly through Shoots and Ladders. Additionally, Hot Mama is now known as In Style Moms.


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