I love hats. Looooove. My poor kid has a different hat for every hour of the day, every occasion, and every nap-time. So when I happened uponBabyfairiesand their oh-so-adorable-headgear, I died. I seriously fell to the floor and convulsed from the cuteness. (Okay not really, but close enough).
Designer/stay-at-home mom Amy D’Acquisto Slepski’s baby headwear is inspired by vintage European design, making it a cut above the ubiquitous Gilligan hats you see in every boutique these days. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, just let Amy know. She’ll even do custom orders.
Besides hats, Babyfairiesalso carries bonnets, headbands and bows for your little dumpling. Did I just say dumpling? You see! See what amazing baby hats do to me? -Rebecca
Mention CMP and get free shipping in the contiguous 48.
Added 3/13/07: Now for a limited time, hats at Baby Fairies on sale for 50% off!

Tags: baby clothes

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