While the CMP staff has a bit of an irreverent streak, we do draw the line at tattooing your children. Unless the tattoo reads MOM in which case…no. No no no. No tattooing babies.
But we can support the Mom Tattoo tee from Small Roar. This is a real mom and pop operation, run by mom Stephannie and pop Mike Weikert. They call their clever clothing "the fusion of graphic design, free speech and baby clothes" and we’re digging that fusion in a big way.Besides the Mom Tattoo, there are four other clever, conceptual designs (check out The Future) available in body suits and baby tees for your future ACLU member. Ooh, now there’s an idea for another shirt.
On second thought, we’ll leave the designing to Stephannie and Mike. They already seem to be doing an excellent job at it. –Liz
[thanks sweetney]

Tags: baby clothes

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