While I haven’t lived in San Francisco, I’ve spent enough time there to know that it’s just plain cool. Cool cafes, cool bands, cool parents with cool children. That’s why I had the feeling I was going to like popular Bay Area kids singer/songwriter Enzo Garcia. The force behind the popular LMNO toddler music classes, Enzo has just come out with his ninth children’s album, Pink. Upbeat but never cloying, Enzo fuses traditional kiddie folk with hints of bluegrass, zydeco and ethnic music, sounding to me a little like a cross between Leon Redbone and the O Brother Whereart Thou soundtrack. And while his distinctive voice is his primary instrument, his back-up tracks on guitar, accordion, banjo and harmonica bring soul to the tunes. Listen to samples of Pink at CD Baby, then make sure to buy your own copy. There’s something totally gratifying about having a kids CD that no one else knows about. Unless of course you’re a San Francisco hipster parent. –Liz

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