It’s not easy for a fashion-conscious new mom to find a piece of jewelry to commemorate her (my) newborn. Well, one that you’ll (I’ll) actually wear since non-ironic wedding script initials on gold rope chains are out of the (my) question.Then I came across the recycled vintage typewriter key necklaces at Junxtaposition and suddenly things were looking up.

There’s a selection for every letter of the alphabet, each with varying degrees of character. You can choose an 18" or 24" ball chain, and artist Jeanne Cherry will even do double-key necklaces fused together. (Hear that, mamas of twins?)
If heaven forbid your little pumpkin ends up with the same name as another kid in the class, at least you can rest assured your initial necklace will be one-of-a-kind. –Liz


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