As a woman of mixed heritage, I’ve often wondered how topromote diversity in our home when most of my toddler’s toys and clothes feature white folks–you know, because all farmers, ballerinas andmusicians are white. Right.
That’s why I love the multi-culti selection of tees at Foco Loco. This family-run business
touts itself as "the garish orange life vest saving you from drowning in the sea of pastels." Garish? Hardly. Their designs are fun, fresh, and represent folks of color without succumbing to lame stereotypes. Check out the diverse band members or very charming mermaids.
All the shirts are 100% cotton and sweatshop free. If you’re feeling extra PC, Foco Loco offers organic cotton tees as well. It’s a stylin’ way to show your kids (and the world) that our planet is a colorful place.
Thank goodness for that. -Kristen
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