If I have to hear Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy one more time, I just might check myself into the mommy loony bin. Thank goodness for musician Jim Gill and his newest release, Moving Rhymes for Modern Times.

This isn’t your everyday kiddie album. Originally a music therapist for children with special needs, Jim composes his high-energy, jazzy songs to get kids up and moving–and as importantly, to encourage parents to join in. I know the thought of dancing toddler-style might be embarrassing, but trust me, you can’t resist when Rhythm in My Fingers starts streaming out of the speakers.

At a recent concert in Columbus, I got to witness it all first-hand: Parents were dancing! And jumping! And acting silly! (And I was, too…shhhhhh.) I asked Jim for his number one piece of advice for moms and he said, “Play with your kids. They’re only this young once, and it’s a great excuse for you to act silly with them.”
Good advice from a good guy. And definitely a good album for your collection. –Christina

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